Manas Philosophy


Manas promotes the importance of living a healthy life, in harmony with our environment. If our mind and body are not attuned to the natural surroundings it causes disharmony, which is the cause of modern lifestyle related diseases. Our ancestors enjoyed a healthy and long life as they lived a far better lifestyle than our generation. Pure, natural food cultivated without the use of pesticides, chemicals and other such harmful substances was the foundation of good health. We believe that the time has come for our generation to adopt those practices and  transform our lifestyle. 

We draw inspiration from the age old system of Panchakroshi. A Panchakroshi consisted of land area of around 256 sq. kms with a cluster of around 5 villages. This was a unified area which was self-sufficient in every aspect of the societal needs such as social, financial and governmental administration. A rich harvest made the entire Panchakroshi richer and all the farmers directly profited. This ensured high motivation for engaging in agriculture, unlike today where no yield or poor returns have led to numerous suicides and rise in number of farmers looking for other sources of income. The support system is lacking and today the farmers finds themselves alone and helpless.

It is the need of the hour to unite our farmers and equip them with the right techniques and inputs. This will not only benefit them with good returns but also improve the quality of food we consume. The deteriorating health of people today is alarming and we must without further delay help our farmers and thereby help ourselves.