Corporate Social responsibility

Even before the term “corporate social responsibility” gained popularity and became mandatory in India, Manas has been practicing it as a cornerstone of its philosophy. Manas collaborated with the Indian farmers to introduce a new lease of sustainable farming practices in the country. Over the years, we have not only trained and assisted farmers in increasing their output but also ensured they get the best price for their produce.

Manas Rural Development Institute

In the last 13 years, we have through our NGO, Manas Rural Development Institute (MARDI) worked with farmers in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Our initiatives have been instrumental in training farmers in organic farming techniques, providing inputs, post-harvest management and marketing support for the produce. So far, we have trained and assisted more than 4000 farmers (20000 acres) across 3 states.

The main aim of MARDI is to train and equip small and medium farmers, with our unique techniques with the goal of achieving sustainable way of living in the villages.