About Manas


Manas Krushi Industries Limited is a social marketing company and the force behind The Mission Organic. The Mission Organic is a campaign to create awareness about the techniques of producing, processing and consuming pure, wholesome, unadulterated food. It is not just an endeavor to sell organic products but help people transform their lives by opting for a complete organic lifestyle.

Under Manas - Mission Organic, we have adopted ancient and natural techniques – Jaivik Krishi - for producing chemical and pesticide free food without harming the nature.

We have implemented traditional methods of food processing - ‘Ahar Sanskar’ – to ensure that all minerals and vitamins are retained, thereby maintaining its original nutritional value which is otherwise lost due to extensive use of modern technology.

Further, we recommend the ‘Ahar Vidhi’ way i.e. Right Food Consumption Technology – Ritucharya and Dincharya – What to eat? When to eat? and How to eat?

To balance the demand-supply ratio we, Manas – Mission Organic, train, support and financially nurture farmers and encourage them to inbuild our production and processing techniques. We also assure that farmers earn more than 60% of the revenue generated by Manas which is about 3 times their previous income.